04 December 2020

Firmware, Wiring, Factory Dumps

Please use our GoogleDrive Database to download the latest version of our hardwa..
04 December 2020

How to disable Angle-Mode, activate Acro-Mode

Well, that's a safety feature we applied for the growing interest of beginners getting int..
21 October 2020

How to flash Betaflight?

Please checkout our other blog for general instructions:
21 October 2020

GPS Rescue Mode // Setup

Please checkout the Betaflight Github documentation about GPS rescue before using it to fu..
10 December 2020


Learn how to fly your drone with First-Person-View (FPV). FPV flying is a lot of fun and e..
23 October 2020

Getting into Cinewhoops

The Cinewhoop is an awesome style of drone that can capture crisp HD footage that a machin..
21 October 2020

FPV Drone Training System

The FatShark 101 FPV Drone Training System ($246) is an excellent way for anyone looking t..
21 October 2020

The FPV starter kit

FPV drones seem to move and fly in very different ways than DJI drones, making them differ..
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