FPV Drone Training System

  • FPV Drone Training System
21 October 2020

The FatShark 101 FPV Drone Training System ($246) is an excellent way for anyone looking to get into flying drones, and more specifically flying FPV or first-person view. FPV flying is the fast-paced, growing sport of drone racing. This FatShark 101 training system will give you the drone, goggles, controller, and accessories you’ll need to get started and you won’t have to deal with the setup and binding process. It is a headache and a hassle that is all too familiar with so many FPV drones. FatShark makes it easy.

What is the FatShark 101 Drone Training System?

The FatShark 101 starts with the drone itself. It is a small, brushed quadcopter with a 5.8 GHz camera. It has just about the perfect amount of punch for a beginner. It isn’t overly powerful, but it isn’t a dog either. The camera is not angled but rather pointed straight forward. This is good when you are learning to fly FPV but cannot be adjusted. This isn’t a problem for beginners, but intermediate and advanced flyers prefer an angled camera. This camera angle is fixed and cannot be adjusted. It transmits a 25 mW signal and can switch between the F and R bands.

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