The FPV starter kit

  • The FPV starter kit
21 October 2020

FPV drones seem to move and fly in very different ways than DJI drones, making them different tools for drone applications. The FPV starter kit is a guide to help you get started with FPV drones before investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in them.

I realized I wanted to learn how to fly FPV drones after about three years of flying DJI. For some reason, I really thought FPV was silly and if anything, quite easy compared to how I was flying to achieve the photo/video I was creating. However, that wasn’t the case at all. My first flight was nothing but a crash into the ground on a 5″ quad because I thought I knew how to fly (based on my DJI expertise). Turns out an FPV drone requires quite a bit of skill and knowledge, especially if you want to make it fun.

So my journey began… Two years later I feel like I have figured out one of the simplest ways to learn about FPV drones. Even with three years of DJI flight under my belt, I still found it challenging to understand the flips, rolls, and extra bit of agility, let alone all the “building” that comes along with FPV. I wasn’t willing to spend a bunch of money to buy the best drone and fly it if I was probably going to crash and break it. On top of that, I’d have to learn how to fix it which would require knowledge of parts and electronics. I just didn’t feel ready to fully commit.

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