iFlight SucceX Force 5.8GHz 800mW VTX Adjustable

iFlight SucceX Force 5.8GHz 800mW VTX Adjustable

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- Stable output power

- 5 Power levels up to 800mW;

- 48 Channels (including Raceband)

- Fast frequency lock, no startup interference with other pilots

- Built-in output power self-check functionality

- VTX telemetry with IRC Tramp protocol


VTX is set to 25mW by default! Power levels above 25mW require a HAM license or have to be approved by local authorities! Please ensure you're flying legal frequencies and use our prepared Betaflight VTX tables according to your region.


- Input voltage: 7V~36V (@12V/[email protected])

- Video standard: NTSC /PAL

- Output voltage/ Max current: 5V 1A

- Power levels: PIT/25mW/100mW/400mW/800mW

- Power draw @12V input current: [email protected] MODE, [email protected], [email protected][email protected], [email protected]

- Channels: 48 (including Raceband)

- Small size: 36*36*3mm

- Mounting pattern: 30.5x30.5 (4x M3)

- Lightweight: 7.5g (excluding antenna)

- VTX telemetry: IRC Tramp

- Betaflight IRC Tramp Configuration: Please download the attached VTX table for Betaflight!

- All our VTX tables can also be found here: LINK

- IRC Tramp VTX table values: 25/25mW, 100/100mW, 400/400mW, 600/800mW

Package includes:

- SucceX Force 800mW adjustable VTX x 1pc

MMCX to SMA Female pigtail 100mm x 1pc

- 5.8GHz MMCX whip antenna 65mm x 1pc

SH1.0 6P cable 100mm x 1pc